Opening Launch: Wednesday 26 September 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: September 26 - October 13, 2018

Anna Schwann

The Moving Finger

The moving finger

When it strikes, it leaves an indelible mark, something clear and true, unmistakable.

This body of work explores the translation of musical stimuli into the physical realm. Like lucid dreaming allows conscious thought to guide the subconscious, listening to the shapes and textures emerging from the notes that become three dimensional form. Engaging in a deliberate  state of chromesthesia giving insight into the colour of sound, how deep, how light, how lush.

Power lies within these chords, the muse and author Dorothy Ashby lived as a pioneer, forging her own path in a place dominated by tradition, poverty and race inequality to birth a sound most true to herself. This is a tribute to her work.


Christine Myerscough

Too Late Too Cloudy

In a practice that encompasses photography and sculpture often using found objects or imagery Christine Myerscough’s series ‘Too Late Too Cloudy’  layers a sequence of photographic images in an enigmatic play of appropriation and re-creation.  Her images and characteristics are more akin to drawing or painting, of soft stains and visual noise, animated by the accumulative intervention of the artist’ direction and speculation. Myerscough collapses and condenses her series of images, creating works that propose new visual and conceptual terms to consider and distil historical photographic practices.

Richard Knafelc

Visions Before Midnight

Richard Knafelc’s representational paintings in his Visions before Midnight series explore strangeness, mystery, the unexplained, and dream-like states. He achieves this by utilising depictions of lights or stars which appear to float through highly coloured, unreal landscapes. These highly-charged environments are often inhabited by human figures trying to make sense of them; at other times the individuals are oblivious to their surroundings.

The titles of the works reference subjective psychological states, personal stories, and psychological phenomenology, and add a further layer of meaning and ambiguity.

Knafelc creates painted collages from digital photographic sources to effect a combination of multiple times and places to explore the idea of simultaneity, the subconscious, and non-linear narratives. In so doing, he investigates the rational versus the irrational.