Opening Launch: Wednesday 27 July 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: July 27 - August 13, 2016

Sarah Gosling


Fervid is a collection of small paintings inspired by themes of law enforcement and social justice. The paintings carry an emotional weight as I attempt to inject my own personal perspective into the work. Using an extensive image collection of references, my ideas are developed through collaging or editing the image to create new compositions. I'm consciously avoiding being tied down to the initial reference, instead letting the painting evolve instinctively.

Sarah Gosling completed a BFA from Monash University in 2010. She has since had numerous exhibitions in Melbourne and rural Victoria. Sarah lives and works in Castlemaine, Victoria.

Kaya Barry

Emergency Diagrams

Emergency Diagrams plays with movements and experiences of spaces encountered during air travel. It explores the aesthetic design of aircraft safety cards – the laminated cards in planes that direct passengers what actions to undertake in emergencies. Each work extracts a micro-movement or process from the abstracted and stylised diagrams. The viewer is invited to contemplate the depiction of complex emergency situations where movements are represented merely by pictographic elements such as arrows, lines, and abstracted spatial relationships. A conflict emerges when attempting to imagine the positioning of one’s body in order to enact the instructions. The intention is to amplify the ambiguity of how we represent and perceive relationships between bodies, spaces and movements. 

Kaya Barry is currently based in Brisbane. Her practice involves producing interactive installations that utilise site-specific engagements with spatial perception, mobility and embodiment. Working across the areas of mobilities, creative arts, and geography, she has recently completed a practice-led PhD at Deakin University. She has exhibited in Australia, internationally, and online. Kaya teaches new media theory and practice at Griffith University and is an Adjunct Research Fellow with the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research. 

Nick Hertzog

Out There

Out There explores a psychic tension between the urban landscape and the digital image. The urban landscape is haunted by the troubled ghosts of abandoned buildings and hidden passages of drains and waterways. These haunted landscapes find themselves inhabited once more, possessed by choking weeds and the occult magic of endless tagging. They are home to strays both animal and human who live wild within their fragile boundaries. Through multiple videos, the installation summons the ghosts out there to possess the image. Captured and distorted, the delicate ruins are preserved beyond their physical sites and infect the digital image with a continued spiral of ruin and renewal.

Nickk Hertzog is a multi-disciplinary artist from Melbourne. He has a BFA (Hons) and MFA from Monash University and is currently undertaking his PhD at VCA, University of Melbourne. He has collaborated on several exhibitions in various Melbourne ARI's including Blindside, Seventh and Kings. This exhibition will feature works he has been developing throughout his PhD.