Opening Launch: Wednesday 28 November 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: November 28 - December 15, 2018

Ash Coates

Mycorrhizal - It Comes In Waves

Ash Coates work draws from images of both real and imaginary places, to examine relationships between micro and macro worlds and the language, forms and networks that exist within our biosphere.

The languages and symbiotic relationships of plants, fungi and bacteria cultures, give rise to transformations of microorganisms, energy fluctuations, transmigration of cells and the distribution of nutrients within the environment and our bodies. It is these processes that influence and form the shapes, composition and psychedelic tones within these works. The paintings are a process of ritual and meditation on things both massive and microscopic, magic and scientific, internal and external.

Using both painting and moving image the artist aims to examine and create dialog in regard to the boundaries of what is natural and what is artificial within the environment and the point where science meets science fiction.

Michael Armstrong


This series of paintings explores the narrative and durational aspects within the still image. The paint is applied in ribbons of oil paint that act as pathways. An unspoken invitation to follow the folds as though walking through a maze. Discovering the way in which the painting was constructed and how the representational aspects drift in and out. The materiality of the medium disrupts the development of the image. Achieving a state of flux and dissipation and opening the conversation between the object and its content. .

Kate Geck

RLX :tech

The art works in RLX :tech centre on imagined artisan objects for the home that are imbued with therapeutic technology. These are wall hangings or small sculptures that can be scanned with a free app to reveal an augmented reality overlay of guided meditations and abstract imagery. A selection of small acrylic, neon and metal works on the walls will trigger abstract image and sound content when scanned with the audience's own smartphone (after downloading the free app). Kate Geck is interested in moving away from the guided meditations she has been working with to date in order to experiment with more abstract AR overlays - to create a greater sense of immersion in the space and oneness with the work.