Opening Launch: Wednesday 15 August 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: August 15 - September 1, 2018

Karleng Lim

I Want My Pets death To Mean Something

Nadine Lineham

Uncontainable Calm

Uncontainable calm, questions what it is to live in a world of accelerating change, where the era of mass media circulation offers a prescription for life; news, fake news, desire, hope and deceit on relay. The project aims to manipulate familiar images that are believed to carry meaning and capture the paradox that can emerge. The parts of human nature that try to remain on authentic autopilot, but beneath the surface lurks a charming anxious social identity that violently erupts, stares and behaves inappropriately. Lineham’s abstract/figurative oil paintings explore the dichotomy between the lengths one may go to exert power or conform to a set of ideals, compared with those that disconnect from society, are powerless or feel alienated. The hope of obtaining a sense of calm that can be contained seems to be out of reach, constantly falling out of reach. Her approach is to make the work partially redemptive as well as to indicate a philosophical dimension: the interconnection between evidence and the space shifting form of one’s perception.

Jared Winchester

Bottomless Pit

In the early months of 2015 I committed myself to filling one A4 sized every day, with the intention breaking my resistance to making work. I felt if I woke up and immediately scribbled something down I could not only foster a practice of self discipline towards making art, but I could also get my ‘failure’ out of the way. The fail- ure on arrival mindset gradually transitioned into a more serious, labor intensive approach. ‘Bottomless Pit’ is a presentation of works that resulted from a later part of this project (mid 2016 to late 2017) that I feel where the best examples of this practice. A bottomless pit refers to a place demons are imprisoned. As the project unfolded it took on a diary like quality and became somewhat of an exorcism, bringing light to these demons. Many are informed by following my curiosity on the internet, and my reflections on personal situations/relationships with others. The works confess to my existential anxieties, under-formulated philosophies and un- certainties. With this work I hope to present a uncontrived view the inner dialogues as indicators of personality and its transformations.