Opening Launch: Wednesday 6 February 9-9pm | Exhibition Dates: February 6 - February 23, 2019

Ariana Luca

A Trace of an Action

As a medium, drawing has the capacity to physically capture the actions, movements and gestures of an artist. Each mark on the surface of the paper can act as a record of the artist’s processes and decisions as they unfolded over time. Ariana Luca explores this idea through creating large drawings on the floor of her studio. She uses unfixed drawing materials like pastel or charcoal to physically trace her own movements as she paints and draws abstract compositions. In this process moments of chance and randomness, like smudges and fingerprints, are captured alongside carefully controlled watercolour forms and patterns.

Cristian Alvarez, Emily Yuting Chen, Jessie Dean, Silvi Kadillari, Natasha Manners, Darren Nedza, Katia Silkova

From Becoming To Belonging

From becoming to belonging is an interdisciplinary exhibition of new work by a group of emerging artists responding to an exploration of own cultural identity within personal experiences in Australia as migrants. Born overseas or in Australia within a migrant family, 'the otherness' is felt, so is the constant process of choice to engage or disengage with Australian socio-cultural standards. Cross-cultural narratives bring a sense of belonging into emerging futures as long as they are visible and appreciated. Being present but absent, lost but searching, still but constantly moving, foreign but Australian are some of the complexities explored in this show.

Bridgette McNab and Justin Scivetti

Between Something and Nothing

Existing between something and nothing, this tightly choreographed two person exhibition unpacks the enduring dialogue between painting and cinema that resounds with the language of illusion. Over the course of the ten part series, a blending of borrowed and imagined scenes unfurl, frame by frame with each painting informing the next like stills from a familiar film. Drawing from Jean Baudrillard’s influential ideas about simulacra and simulation supplanting the ‘real’, the pair’s serialized compositions self-reflexively examine fantasy, fiction and artifice. Lingering close-ups, landscapes and nature scenes become visual synecdoche’s that are as much about concealment as they are revelation, forging a beguiling unreality that steps in for today’s ideological abyss.