Opening Launch: Wednesday 21 March 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: March 21 - April 7, 2018

Anthony Williams

Absurd Obsession

Absurd Obsession is an investigation into breaking down the segregation of fine art and to amalgamate ideas through opposing medium. Conforming to a concept of absurdity whilst still maintain an armature of traditional application, in short the balance between chaos and order. When I am painting I think about the substance of sculpture in creating form to enable me to make a viscous surface. When I sculpt I constantly think about drawing and the relationship to line to define and frame space. And when drawing I am thinking about painting and how to define and investigate form and the illusion of mass on a 2-dimensional surface. Subject to me isn’t so important, I do not wish to illustrate or represent my observation. My life long vocation is to use the subject only as an armature to make art.

Hao Nguyen

See Little Change

See Little Change is a series of works that explore the figure as an unclear identity faded to a ghostly embrace. They are paintings that depict the vagueness of figures and place them in an in between space. On paper, Hao takes the figure as far as he can and then takes it back again. Forward and back until he ends up with something bare. It is due to this deliberate vagueness that the work eludes any definition of what constitutes the figurative. Even if we don’t know we will make it up to fill in the gap.

Philippe Vranjes


SunsetSwampSewerage presents new sculptural works born from a fascination with Melbourne based sound artist Nik Kennedy (Spasmoslop/Umbilical Tentacle/Holy Boner/Yendo Bruuc/Spew Balloon). This new body of work forms an extended portrait of Kennedy and the experimental noise music community in which he is rooted. Underpinning SunsetSwampSewerage is a transitory discipleship; a commitment to the person-subject made tangible through an obsessive desire to know why and how one does what they do. By drawing heavily on the aesthetics, values, gestures, instruments, set-ups, body, dress codes and the rituals associated with Kennedy’s performances, Vranjes reconfigures personal memories and knowledge to create new stories and new possibilities.
Ari Sharp