Opening Launch: Wednesday 4 July 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: July 4 - July 21, 2018

Elloise Alexander

El Did This

‘El did this’ is an expression of concepts much more profound and complex. The more abstract the more reluctant one is to explain the meaning to outsiders. Telling what it means diminishes the magical and protective powers of the work. A private language that only I can understand, or those who can translate it to their own ideas and senses. No complications no obscurity and no serious message to give pleasure and create beauty.
Each stroke of paint is as beautiful as ancient scriptures, paint strokes are scriptures. Do not seek answers from artists, seek it from within. All i will express is my deep admiration and profound respect and love for paint. And that is all i want you to know. Allow yourself to appreciate and embrace the beauty of my work. Let it arouse you, let it provoke you to feel things you wish not to acknowledge. Allow it to captivate you, feel moved by its beauty and grace. You are allowed to appreciate its beauty and still be aware of all that is wrong in the world. You will not grow ignorant in appreciating the little beautiful things that remain.

Kari McRae

I Find It Hard To Get Up In The Morning

‘I find it hard to get up in the morning’ is a series of sculptural works that spread across the horizontal plane of the gallery. These works intersect and play off each other, simultaneously creating a precarious stillness and inertia in the space around them. These works explore the idea of Becoming through their shifting forms; through this process these objects evoke notions of being on the verge, an echo, a whimper, a lift, a gesture and a jolt.

Madeline Bishop, Zoya Godoroja -Prieckerts, Claire Capel-Stanley


Speechless is an interdisciplinary exhibition of new work by artists Madeline Bishop, Zoya Godoroja-Prieckerts and Claire Capel-Stanley. Working across installation, multimedia and works on paper; each artist begins with the personal, investigating the politics of voice, intimacy and trauma.
What does ‘speechless’ mean? The idea refers not to a lack of words, but a condition beyond words, as though emotion has driven conventional communication out of the way. It reflects that some things cannot – or, perhaps, should not – be said. Susan Sontag said that words are like a doorway. Some ideas, like big pieces of furniture, just won’t fit through.
These works are about what we do when words overwhelm us, tie us up, fail us, trip us up, and won’t forgive us. They are about the failure, and the necessity, of communication.
Madeline Bishop’s work investigates the words that are uncomfortable to speak, focussing on group dynamics, where echoing opinions are hidden under the guise of discussion or real consultation. Destructive ideas are reinforced, and a futile, well-trodden path emerges. Zoya Godoroja-Prieckearts’ series of drawings explores the removal of voice, her mute, headless bodies caught in silence and distress – or perhaps they are listening. Claire Capel-Stanley’s work is about trauma and resilience. It is a refuge made from the loud silence of nothing on paper. The work is marked by disaster, but even in its fragility, provides shelter from the storm.