Opening Launch: Wednesday 17 August 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: August 17 - September 3, 2016

Daniel Gawronski

The Walls Can Sing

The Walls Can Sing sound installation is composed by Daniel Gawronski featuring vocals by the artists Ellie Thurlwell (UK), Annabelle Ng (Malaysia) and Sacha Ratcliffe (Canada). This project was completed at De Licieras 18, Artist Residence in Porto, Portugal, Jan 2016.

The composition is crafted by translating the naturally occurring patterns and imperfections on walls inside the gallery into musical notes. These patterns are highlighted by the position of motion sensor lights and the resulting notes sound the pitch and tone of the vocals.

The words in the composition are from a verse in the poem titled "To Love!" by the Portuguese poet Florbela Espanca (1894 - 1930).

'And if one day I am dust, ash and nothing,

Let my night be a dawn,

So I can lose myself...and find myself...'

Daniel Gawronski is an artist based in Melbourne. The focus of his work is about nature, time, technology and our connection to it. It seeks to identify and reveal a connection between the apparent and the subliminal impulses that shape this world. His exhibitions include ‘Dust Plate’, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne 2015, ‘Hidden Symphony’, L’Estruch, Sabadell 2015 and ‘Reminisce’, El Spacio Practico, Barcelona 2014. He has completed artist residencies at De Licieras 18, Portugal in 2016, L’Estruch and Metafora, Spain 2015.

Elizabeth Bodey

Fields and Sites

My paintings reflect on place as an experience of the senses. So in the space of a painting I am interested in the merging of aspects of place to create forms of cultural abstraction through the language of line, colour, space and texture, all with their origins in the haptic.

Topography and cultural forms such as music and performance have informed my painting practice particularly though the sensations of sight, sound and touch. This has resulted in the putting and placing of colour within a variegated gridded structure suggesting both rhythmic and arrhythmic patterns of chance, vigour and calm.

Elisabeth Bodey 2016

Stefanie Robinson


This work is Stefanie’s response to her experiences as a community artist, bearing witness to stories of trauma that flow from or lead to the loss of a home, a safe space, a community.

“If only rebuilding a home, a community, a future was as simple as twisting some found rope and reclaimed copper…”

Hope is a fragile thing, so easily lost sight of in the barrage of media and world events. But it is “the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all.” (Emily Dickinson)

Stefanie Robinson is a multimodal artist practising in installation, theatre-making, puppetry, visua arts and community arts. She completed the John Bolton Theatre School (1996), the Postgraduate Diploma  Animaturing/Dance at the Victorian College of the Arts (2004) and has presented work nationally and internationally.