Archive : 2020

January 15 - February 1, 2020

Gabrielle Spinoso

The Space In-between

This series of work is focused on the contrast between patterns in natural landscape and urban forms. I want to portray these paintings with my distinctive style, using shades and splices of colour, which is inspired by the natural shapes created by majestic mountainous landscapes contrasted with urban forms in a dream like state. The works in this exhibition will mainly focus on my love for European mountains with pastel buildings also looking at archways and tunnels that create natural colour blocking.

Lucy Kingsley

A New Space Made Possible By Loss

This body engages with the concept of the wound in terms of trauma. 

Within this collection of work broader narratives are explored. These include contact and boundaries, horror and underlying violence, the ritualistic and the ceremonial, and health and un-health. 

Lucy is an emerging Narrm/Melbourne-based visual artist and physical theatre performer generating video and photographic works. Her practice is supported by an exploration of painting, drawing, collage, costuming, sculpture and creative writing. 

The work hopes to produce a course of thinking much like a wound; open and incomplete.

Shannon McCulloch

But I Dream Of You Almost Every Night

I want to show you something.

Will you come with me?

Well, yeah.

Hey. Do you know who that guy is?

Dude, l don't even know who l am.

Oh, well, you're Pablo Picasso.


-No. Not really.

This is my studio.

l don't know who you are, ____...

...But l dream about you

almost every night